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    Nothing say style, class and elegance like a fully restored classic car. Take that restoration to the next level with white glove chauffeur service and a classic limo in New Orleans to make the night truly exceptional. From proms, weddings and parties to extravagant date-night packages, arriving in a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley shows you have excellent taste. Contact Limotote to reserve one of the classics listed below now.

Louisiana Classic Limousine Service
  • The Packard

    There are plenty of classic limos and the one you actually rent may differ than the descriptions here, but these classic examples show how Limotote classic limos will provide a superior experience. The Packard car company was founded in 1899 and folded in 1958, but during their era they produced some of the finest automobiles in the world. The Super 8 is often cited as one of the premier classic editions of Packard.

New Orleans Classic Limousine Service
  • Studebaker Limos

    When looking to rent a classic limo in New Orleans like the Studebaker St. Regis, you only need to call Limotote for the best offerings in classic limos. Studebaker is still a household name simply because the clean lines and finesse of their vehicles wowed Americans when they were new -- still do today. Listed in the Limousine Digest "Hall of Fame" the 1937 St. Regis is a classic limo that sets itself apart.

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  • Bentley Limousines

    Ultra luxury has a history and its name is Bentley. The Bentley name is synonymous with sports inspired luxury. Originally founded in 1919 in England, by 1930 it was purchased by Rolls Royce the only other major luxury manufacturer of cars that has such an illustrious history worldwide. Both tag lines have kept true to their original intent. Hiring a classic Bentley limo from 1960 or before lets you step into another world that brings with it an air of quality not found in modern everyday vehicles.

New Orleans Classic Limousine in Louisiana
  • Rolls Royce Limousines

    At the height of their fame in the 1960's Rolls Royce were the car of dreams, legends, Kings and Queens. Simply riding in such quality vehicles meant you were wealthy and more than likely famous. If you want to arrive in true style, simply step out of a classic Phantom or Silver Cloud series Rolls Royce and let the paparazzi flash their cameras. Never before has a car evoked so much style, grace and elegance than this classic. If you dream of riding in the cars of elegance with storied pasts, let Limotote Limousine Services find you the classic limo that not only suits your taste, but provides the extra white glove service you have come to expect from us.

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