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  • Go Big with Hummer Limos

    Renting a Hummer in the New Orleans area is as easy as calling Limotote Limousine Services, but understanding what this unique vehicle can provide to your party will be outlined here. The Humm is the American standard in design and ruggedness. Not since the era of the Jeep in World War II has a vehicle inspired so many off-roaders to take to the trails.

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  • The Original

    The US military looked to replace the Jeep in the 70s and put out specifications for a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, hence the nickname Humvee, which later translated into a commercial version the Hummer. The Humvee, military designation was M998 and used extensively in the 1980s and 90s. Made by AM General, it began making civilian models in 1992.

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  • The Legend is Born

    The first Hummer was delivered in 1992 to great fanfare after the masses clamored for the vehicle to be made available to the American public after seeing the Humvee in action in the Iraq War. With a vehicle that was four-wheel drive with 16 inches of ground clearance, ability to navigate steep approach and departure angles, wade through 30 inches of water and clamber over a 22 inch obstacle a true off-road legend was born.

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  • Transition Years

    In 1996 a partnership was born that would eventually lead to the end of production of the Hummer lineup. In a marketing deal with GM, AM General farmed out its sales and marketing operations of the Hummer line to GM. In 1999 GM started marketing an H2 and later an H3 Hummer line to capitalize on the extreme popularity of the rugged vehicle. As of 2010 the Hummer line is no longer in production but those seeking to ride these wild off-road beasts can seek the luxury of one made into an exotic limousine.

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  • Hummer Limousines

    There are very few SUV Limos that strike more awe and inspiration than the H2 Limo. This consumer vehicle turned into a limo for hire will turn heads everywhere in New Orleans. With a seating capacity of 16 it also offers much more space than traditional car limos. If you want to turn heads around town and take 12-15 of your closest friends on the greatest party ride ever invented, the Hummer Limo is the choice for you. With onboard bar, bench seating, TVs and a great sound system the party does not end when you travel between spots. With a Hummer limo your night will start with a comfortable and spacious interior and not end until you have achieved the perfect party atmosphere.

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