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  • Reserving a Stretch Limo in New Orleans

    The pinnacle of arriving in style in a stretch limousine has been a quintessential American cultural icon almost since the automobile first rolled off the lines in Detroit. Even before the concept of the stretch limo, limousines were cars where driver and passengers rode separated. If you are looking for an New Orleans stretch limo rental, contact us here at Limotote. But first, let's take a look at stretch limos through the ages.

Stretch Limousine Reservation in New Orleans
  • Stretch Limousine History

    Before renting a Limotote stretch limousine, a story about how a stretch came to be will get you in the mood necessary to ride in such elegance. The term limousine is a French word denoting the hood of a cloak of the inhabitants of the area of France with the same name that resembled the portion of early cars where passengers sat. Early car models often had the driver in the front of the vehicle, unencumbered by a roof, whereas passengers would sit in a covered carriage behind the driver. This naturally grew out of the same design of stage coaches, where the ‘driver' would sit and drive the horses ever forward, when passengers would enjoy the lap of luxury in the covered carriage.

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  • First Stretch Limos

    The first stretched limos arrived in America in 1928 when a larger vehicle was needed to transport ‘big bands' of the day in comfort and accommodate their band instruments. They were often called ‘big band buses' but quickly the car companies saw the allure of the stretch limousine for wealthy clients as well to provide more space and comfort. Probably the most famous of all stretch limousines is the line of limos that have carried the US Presidents. From the illustrious history to modern application, Limotote limo rental in New Orleans can provide ultimate comfort stretch vehicles for three or more passengers.

New Orleans Stretch Limousine
  • Modern Limousines

    The advent of modern stretch limousines represents the ultimate class of cars. The stretch limo can usually carry up to 14 people and includes many features depending on the specific model rented. Most have full leather interiors, bucket and bench seating and multiple high class entertainment options inside. These entertainment options usually include multiple TVs, a bar with beverage service and even some include a snack service. With a host of amenities that range depending on your needs you can be assured that your ride with Limotote will be one of style and comfort. Whether you need to rent a stretch limo in New Orleans for a simple ride to the opera, or prefer for Limotote limo rentals to provide a full itinerary in New Orleans for an evening of party essentials, we have the vehicle for you; the stretch limousine.

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